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A new memorial window

A moment in time for Tisbury Community

A beautiful work of art in a fitting location

A new East Window
St John's 
Church, Tisbury 


A worn-out window provides a visionary opportunity for a village to commemorate its loved ones.

The East window at St John's, Tisbury, damaged through time and poor restoration, has been given a new  vision. A new stained glass window has been approved, its purpose to serve as a memorial to our community's loved ones.

A place of beauty, contemplation and peace.

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An explosion of colour

"We enter through the north door of the church in a quiet moment. We go forward so we can look each way down the length of the 800-year-old building.

We pause for a few minutes to take in the stillness of the great space.

We look left to the east and wow! there seems to be an explosion of colour, a great golden light shining through the five long sections of the new window.

We feel a sense of wonder, excitement and joy as we slowly enter the St Andrew’s chapel to approach the source of the light.

We dimly see figures of people and birds caught up in glory and of a background which, almost in the shape of a tree, connects the Wiltshire countryside outside with us within this place of worship. Above the main panels are detached shapes which seem to flutter like falling leaves to the ground, perhaps representing those who have passed before us."


An impression of the new window's impact:
Martin Shallcross, Focus Magazine



How can this be achieved?

The Church Commissioners are responsible for the structural repairs to the church and will fund a value equivalent to the installation of plain glass. We have been given approval to replace the faded and damaged existing window with new stained glass. The artist and design have also been approved - we now need to find the money to pay for it.


The new window will be beautiful and create a place of peace for you to sit and remember your loved ones, it will be much more, it will also become a record of our community  - a moment in time.


We will create a memorial book to accompany the window which will be on permanent display in the church. Each part of the window will be recorded and illustrated, with a record of the sponsors and their personal memorials.


A copy of the book will always be available in the church for you, your friends and descendants to visit.



St John's Church has an 850 year history with significant burials and international connections. It seems fitting that we honour and continue this by bringing a renowned artist's work to Tisbury.

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