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Update Meeting, 22 March

March 22nd, 7-9pm. Victoria Hall, Tisbury

Tom Denny joined a full hall of donors and interested villagers to discuss his art, his process and his inspiration for the new East Window at St. John's, Tisbury.

Tom has completed the 22 tracery windows and has mostly finished the first of the large lancet windows. It is a good point to share images of his work in progress and some of the windows that have been leaded up by the Salisbury Cathedral Stained Glass team. To do this we gave a big-screen presentation of images and asked Sean Moran to have a Q&A with Tom.

Sean writes:

"I had the enormous privilege last night to interview renowned stained glass artist Tom Denny, who has been working on a new East Window  for our local church. The window is being installed later this year, after a terrific fundraising effort by our local community as well as folks from Tisbury USA.  Tom has created a spectacular piece of art.  It has been said “To experience a Denny window is to enter an installation of symphonic colour combined with stunning narrative details painted with great tenderness”. Boy is that true.  His work adorns some of our great Cathedrals, and parish churches the length and breadth of the UK." Sean Moran

The presentation of images and a video of Tom and Sean are now available - see over/below.

We also have some copies of Tom's latest book - "Glory, Azure and Gold" here in Tisbury. Contact me if you would like to buy one - £35.

And a final thank you for your donations towards the wine and to Dave and Jane for helping with the setup and washing up!


Photos really don't do justice to the glass - with the sunlight behind, the colours are bright and 'sparkle'. Many of these images are of works in progress. As Tom explains in one of the videos, he uses a yellow stain in the final stage of the process which subtly changes the colour and is used to unify the adjacent panels.

Those showing complete windows encased in their lead are photographed against a white paper background - you see the beauty of the detail but none of the luminosity. 


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Tom and Sean in conversation:

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