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  • Rosalind Russell

An update from Tom Denny

Tom has completed the acid etching phase of the project and has sent us some images with an update. I’ll let him describe it in his own words:

Holding up a complete unworked sheet of Lamberts glass

Holding up two pairs of acided glass

Those two pairs as they appear when superimposed [as in the finished window]

A completed lancet laid out

Beginning to mark out one of the tracery sections ready for acid etching “With the acid etching process, I am lightening or removing areas of the “flash” of coloured glass that forms the surface layer on a sheet of clear glass. When two different colours are treated in this way, and leaded up together, there is a great range of tones and colours within one piece. Next comes painting. This is actually more like drawing, adding black or brown tone, line and detail to the existing colour, refining what is roughly indicated by the etching. Then silver stain, which is akin to a ceramic glaze. This allows for a range of yellows and ambers to be added to the pale areas of the glass. On completing the etching, I have arrived at a kind of unfocused version of what is to be.”

If you haven’t seen it, Tom’s website has a video of the ‘drawing’ process on his home page.

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